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"And now, Doctor we've done our work. so it's time we had some play. A sandwich and a cup of coffee, and then off to Violin Land, where all is sweetness and delicacy and harmony, and there are no red-headed clients to vex with their conundrums"
The Red Headed League - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

In the following pages I would like to introduce you to my collection of a lifetime, THE ROLAND COLLECTION a collection I started when I was nine years of age. The first 78 rpm record I bought was of Jascha Heifetz playing "La Ronde des Lutins." Since that day over Fifty years ago I have collected violins, recordings, music and violin memorabilia. All this has lead me on many exciting adventures, least of all becoming the friend of many world famous violinists. Then writing about the violin and later producing LPs and CDs. I am eternally grateful for the many wonderful friends and contacts I have made as a result of THE ROLAND COLLECTION

Now some pages about the The King of Instruments I hope will be interesting

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